Monday, August 4, 2014

Tour through Blogland!

Hi friends. Last week, I got a pretty exiting email from one of my blogger friends who you all probably know, Elisa from Pneumatic Addict Furniture. Elisa reached out to ask me to take part in A Tour Through Blogland. I've been seeing other bloggers take part in this tour, and I was so stoked to be asked to take part!

A tour through Home Coming

This tour is a pretty cool way to introduce our readers to new blogs that we read and are inspired by.

So first off, let me tell you more about Elisha. You've probably seen her grace our presence by being a guest contributor here at Home Coming. She's amazingly talented in ways that I'll never be able to comprehend. I mean, how many girls do you know that do this for fun??


Not only does she refinish, upholster things flawlessly and even build new furniture, she also is a wiz when it comes to power tools. I mean, I got freaked out the first time I used a sander, but this crazy-talented chic does it all herself. Here are a couple of the awesome projects she's shared here as a guest contributor:



Amazing, right?

So now it's my turn to answer some questions!

1. What am I working on?

Currently I'm working on painting our laundry/powder room. This room is in need of a major makeover, so we're jumping into Phase 1 of the makeover now: cosmetic. We're looking at all of the smaller cosmetic things that can be updated to make the room a little more appealing and functional. The overall room makeover will likely take us a couple of years, because we don't want to jump right to yet another room remodel.

Laundry Collage

2. How does my work differ from others in it's genre?

Home Coming's work differs because it's all done with a carpenter's touch! I'm a lucky woman and have my handy, carpenter Justin by my side for most projects. If he's not taking the lead on building or executing my designs, he's right by my side showing support as my gopher or problem solver.

What a mess

3. Why do I create what I do?

We started Home Coming to show our friends and family across the country all of our house projects and progress. It's our hobby. We both love being creative (in our own ways) and then sharing all of our hard work with all of you! It's so rewarding.

DIY X-Leg Ottoman

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

My creative process is actually pretty simple. I don't DIY or create anything that isn't necessary. We have a laundry list of things we'd like to update in our house, so it all starts with the list. Then through  places like blogs and pinterest, I get ideas on how to execute or design our needs. After sketching plans or putting together mood boards, we dive right in and get it done!

Now that you've heard all about me, I'd like to introduce you to these amazingly talented blogger friends out there that you just HAVE to meet. I partner with each of these girls in one way or another, between The DIY'ers or a Look for Less Design Challenge, so I'm sure you recognize them all. But give them a big welcome for me!

Rachel from Like a Saturday

Rachel is a wonderfully creative blogger who's after my own heart - updating their home on a shoestring budget. They work with what they have, combined with updating thrifting/garage sale finds and scouting out some great deals. Here's one of my favorite projects from Rachel lately.


Stephanie from Simply Dream & Create

Stephanie has a huge passion for crafts and is constantly learning and exploring the craft world. I feel like I learn so much from this girl because as much as I love design, I'm still learning about crafting - and this girl is AWESOME at it. Check out this project she made:

diy string-art

Make sure you check out the latest that these wonderful ladies are working on at their blogs!

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  1. hi kayla, i have been loving this series and have read some of those that participated...i like knowing the people behind their blogs and there is something in me that makes me want to relate with them, that's what makes blog different from websites - it is personal, inspiring and special...

    you and your husband are the rockstars of diy'ing kayla!♥