Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Third Time's the Charm

Today I'm sharing my latest project that I've been spending the last couple of weeks on while Justin's out building furniture. I thought I'd be able to take on painting the laundry/bathroom all by myself, but little did I know that all the little nooks & crannies this room has takes some time!

A few weeks ago, you helped me make a decision on which colors to paint our laundry room as part of our Phase 1 room makeover. And I love the choice that you made!! It was a pretty resounding "Go neutral!" response, and I have to say that I completely agreed. 

So after a full week of having our washer and dryer in the middle of the kitchen, this is what our beautifully updated laundry room looks like.

Stenciled Laundry

Updated Laundry Phase 1

Pretty right?

If you remember back a few months, I had a hell of a time trying to stencil a couple of projects (pillow covers and the back of my shoe shelf) and thought I'd given up on stenciling forever. Some people just don't have the magic touch. But Cutting Edge Stencils reached out with some great pointers and an offer for a new (easier) stencil for me to try it out one more time. They instilled some confidence in me and helped me through the right tools and made a few pattern recommendations to make my next stenciling project a little easier. 

I ended up going with the Nagoya All-Over stencil, and I'm pretty darn happy with the way it turned out! The fact that I started out with the right stenciling tools, a little patience (which is usually pretty thin in my case) and a whole lot less paint on my roller, really helped my case. 

Stenciling Materials

I think it turned out pretty good, right? Way better than the original brown laundry room which we honestly haven't touched since we bought the house 7+ years. 

Laundry Before & After

Along with the paint, we also updated the hamper that we have in the room for Justin's dirty work clothes and added a new hand towel that matched with my Nagoya wall pattern. Cute, right? 

Bathroom Floor Before
New Hamper in Laundry

This room has a long ways to go in the next few years, but just this quick project really gave it the facelift that we needed. 


  1. Pretty---glad you kept at it. The space looks so fresh and clean now!

  2. Love it! See we told you that you could do it. The new laundry looks amazing.

  3. Thank looks so pretty!!! Love the stencil! Makes me want to jazz up our little laundry room :)

  4. Oh man, it's already looking so good! I'm glad you went with the grey :)

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  7. Your kitchen looks perfect. Now I see the power of colors. Before it looked shady until you made that complete make over.