Monday, June 16, 2014

Guest Post: No-Sew Outdoor Pillow

I'm absolutely in love with this tutorial from Amy this month. Justin & I have a patio furniture DIY we want to do this summer, and a new set of pillows to go with the patio set would be such a good idea!  Everyone give a big welcome back to Amy Krist!  

Hey guys! We are officially 4 days into summer vacation with the kiddos and I'm already losing my mind. The image of Goldie Hawn in the classic movie "Overboard" comes to mind. Honestly, I don't know what I would do with myself if I didn't have my DIY hobby.

Anyhoo, my latest and greatest creation was born one sleepless evening. I do obsess about projects and how I can add beauty to this house on my beer budget.

no-sew outdoor pillow case from a shower curtain

We were on such a tight budget when we first purchased our home 2 years ago [where did that go!?] that I bought these IKEA shower curtains to use as drapes in my daughter's room. They were a cheap fix to give her some privacy plus I couldn't resist the abstract design and bold colors. [*note: I checked their website and do not see them for sale any longer].

ikea shower curtain

Speaking of IKEA, we recently purchased a brand new outdoor patio set and are thrilled [especially at the price!] I used a few outdoor pillows I already had on hand, but was not feeling the green pillow anymore [I know, such problems to have].

diy outdoor pillow cases from shower curtains

I decided to make a removable pillow cover for the 2 green pillows using my daughter's old "shower curtain drapes."

To start, I wrapped the shower curtain around the pillow, making sure the holes were at the top.

pillow cases become outdoor pillow covers

This picture is confusing, but you want to make sure you stretch the shower curtain completely around the the pillow. Next I threaded some of my favorite "ribbon" through the holes of the shower curtain and tied them together.

diy outdoor pillow case made from a shower curtain

Next, I cut the shower curtain to size and left a 1" seam on the remaining 2 sides.

making an outdoor pillow cover from old shower curtain

For the no-sew part [I still have a love-hate relationship with my sewing machine and am too lazy to use it].

how to make an outdoor pillow case from a shower curtain

Until that day comes when I am no longer intimated by my sewing machine, this is my go-to second option. Fabric Fusion is awesome and permanent and not too messy.

My pillow is 16" square, my fabric was cut at 17". I tucked the edges in one inch and glued them together.

turn a shower curtain into an outdoor pillow case

I left apx 1" glue-free in order to join the corners [you'll see in the next steps]

diy a no sew outdoor pillow case from a shower curtain

To keep the edges together I grabbed a few stones that were within arm's reach.

diy no sew outdoor pillow case from a shower curtain

To make a nice clean corner on the remaining side, I simply poked my finger into the edges and pinched shut.

how to diy an outdoor pillow case no-sew

I then folded up the remaining fabric and glued together. Now you can join that un-glued section to this one and call it done!

diy no-sew outdoor pillow case from a shower curtain

Yep, this is overkill! I suggest resting a few books on top of the edges to let it dry flat. It shouldn't take more than 2 hours to dry.

Now simply slip your pillow inside, tie it up and enjoy!

diy no-sew pillow case for outdoors
how to make a no-sew outdoor pillow case
outdoor no sew pillow case from a shower curtain
how to make a no sew outdoor pillow case
make a no sew outdoor pillow case from a shower curtain

The steps probably sound a bit confusing, but this is a simple project. If you can measure, cut, glue and tie a knot then this project is for you!

no-sew outdoor pillow case from a shower curtain
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  1. What a great idea! Sooo cute. I love your backyard.

  2. Thanks so much! Have an awesome day!!

  3. WOW... super easy to make this pillow! Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Love this pillow! Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing at Tuesdays at Our Home. Hugs, Maria

  5. Love this idea! I am terrible at sewing (unless it's a loose button or something). I will have to get myself some fabric glue.