Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to Install a Bathroom Mirror without Brackets

It's a big week at the Home Coming house because we finally finished our Master Bathroom! Like, donezo. Finished. I can take a shower in peace, without looking around the room at all of the little things that have yet to be done, and it's beautiful.

I'm taking the rest of this week and early next to share the final few projects we had to finish up the bathroom, then share our final reveal!  

Today I'm sharing the first project around our modern bathroom mirror. How to install a bathroom mirror without those tacky brackets. 

How to Hang a Bathroom Mirror without Brackets

Through our remodel, it's really helped to have Justin's carpenter experience around. Obviously he's an expert when it comes to things like woodworking, building, framing, etc. But he's even learned things from his co-workers like what type of paint to use for built-in bookshelves (Enamel) and the best kind of painters tape (Intertape is much stickier than blue painters tape!). And for today's purposes, he knew how the professionals hang bathroom mirrors in the multi-million dollar houses. 

I've always wanted to see what it was like to be rich. And now with my bathroom mirror, I'm one step closer to their lifestyle. 

Or something like that. 

We've been living with the mirror propped up on the sink for the past few weeks and it was starting to drive me nuts. I'm a tall girl and had to do squats just to see myself each morning. So while my legs got an awesome workout, I was ready to get this sucker hung. 

Unhung Bathroom Mirror

The steps for this project were relatively simple. Genius Justin took two scrap 2x4"s which he cut to prop the mirror up on. These 2x4s had a dual purpose - to ensure that the mirror would be perfectly level, and to give them something to rest on as the adhesive dried. 

Leveling Support for the Mirror

He also marked out where the edges of our vanity & sink were so we could very quickly measure from each side to ensure that the mirror was centered. Having these markings handy really helped because once you get the adhesive on the back of the mirror, you have to move quickly. 

Marking the Edge of the Countertop for Centering the Mirror

Next step is to cover the back of the mirror with adhesive. We used Loctite Mirror Adhesive and applied it very liberally, just to be safe. Our bedroom door is just on the other side of this wall, so we wanted this to be extra secure.

Mirror Loctite Adhesive
Liberally Applying the Adhesive

Justin then lifted the mirror into place, checked to ensure it was centered over the sink, then we pushed it against the wall, applying a good amount of pressure.

Securing the Mirror

Then, using our Intertape painters tape, we taped off the edges of the mirror as a little extra hold while the adhesive dried.  We left the mirror to dry (2x4s and tape in place) for 72 hours. 48 hours is all that's really needed, but we're overachievers. 


  1. Really?!! I'm pinning this tip! big time thanks :) Michelle

  2. We've got ugly clips happening in our bathroom right now! Can't wait to see the shelf DIY!

  3. I love it :). I just did a bathroom makeover at my house and I went the no-clips way too. I love how it looks. Awesome job!

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  5. This is such a nice project! At the very least, you don’t have to worry about the brackets you have to install. Anyway, I think it would be better if you added some frames on the mirror, for an added aesthetic appeal. And that way, every corner of your bathroom would seem occupied and functional. Thanks for sharing!

    Lynne Halloran @ SubUrban Glass

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  10. How do you take the mirror down without damaging the wall? You are going to want to repaint in a few years.

    1. You could probably use piano wire behind it, but more than likely it will ruin the drywall.

  11. This is an okay idea if you know you will never want to remove the mirror. However using interlocking brackets will allow you to remove the mirror w/o damaging the wall other than leaving small holes that can be filled and painted over. I used Hillman Picture Hanging System. It calls for having a frame but I just thoroughly glued the mirror bracket using Loctite® PL® 520 Mirror Adhesive. The ad reads; It is a high performance adhesive formulated especially for mounting mirrors. It can be used on most structurally sound interior surfaces such as wood, drywall, metal and painted surfaces. It is easy to apply and will provide a safe, strong and permanent bond to most types of mirrors.

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  13. That's a great tutorial. Fortunately, I will have the experts from taking care of my bathroom so I won't have to use it :)