Thursday, May 22, 2014

DIY Custom Bathroom Shelf

We shared a quick preview of this awesome shelf we Justin built in the Master Bathroom on yesterday's post about how to hang the bathroom mirror without brackets. So today we're here to share how we DIY'ed this custom shelf in our bathroom.

I was inspired by this bathroom's ledge under the mirror and thought that it would bring a nice, modern feel to the room and give us some extra space to store things.

DIY Custom Bathroom Shelf

Since Home Depot didn't have a 1-1/2" thick pine, Justin glued two pieces of 3/4"' pine together to make the thickness that we wanted for the shelf. You can kind of tell from the photos below that this is two pieces of wood glued together...

He then cut the pieces to 4'1" length and sanded everything down nice and smooth so you could barely tell it wasn't naturally that thickness.

Building the Shelf Thickness

I then pre-stained, stained and poly'ed the piece of wood. The stain color I used is Varthane Kona.

Staining the Shelf

After allowing 24 hours to dry, It was time to install the shelf! We had leftover mirror adhesive from yesterday's mirror install that Justin knew would work just fine to help hold the shelf in place. Justin put a few beads of glue on the back of the shelf.

Gluing the Shelf

Then held it up in place. I put down the camera for a few minutes seconds and helped to hold the shelf while he measured to make sure the shelf was centered on the mirror since we cut it to be slightly wider.

Hanging the Shelf
Centering the Shelf

Then, after finding the stud, Justin put a trim head screw in at (roughly) a 45 degree angle through the bottom corner of the shelf to secure in place. He repeated this on the left end of the shelf.

Finding a Stud
Securing the Shelf with Screws

And that's that! Check out how good this looks.

Final Bathroom Mirror without Brackets

I'm in love.

DIY Bathroom Ledge

We're one step closer to sharing all the final photos of our Master Bathroom!

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  1. What a smart idea! This looks great and is really useful too.

  2. I LOVE it! Who knew it could be so easy? Looks great!

  3. That is a really great idea. I have always wanted to put up a little custom shelf in my bathroom under the mirror. I never realized how easy it could actually be.

  4. I am So much excited with your project. Making a diy project is not easy that I know but you shown fabulous diy with custom mirrors. I am looking your next posts.

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  10. I love it! How deep is the shelf?