Friday, April 18, 2014

Now Introducing: Friday Features!

For about as long as I've been blogging here on Home Coming, I've done a series called DIY Weekend Projects. Gathering inspiration from places like Pinterest, I pulled together 2-3 of my favorite DIY projects that could easily be knocked out in a weekend.

Today I'm introducing my next iteration of this, and it's all about you!!

Introducing Friday Features

Friday Features is going to be all about spreading the blog love. So I want all of YOU to send me your latest and greatest DIY, remodel or room makeover projects, and each week I'll feature the top 3.

The rules? There are none! There's no rules to participate in this, I only want to spread the love. So submit your latest project to be featured on Friday Favorites via email with Friday Favorites in the subject line ( or over Instagram by tagging me @klacowsky.

This will kick off next Friday through the blog and Pinterest, so start submitting now!


  1. This is great that you want to spread the blog love! Are you taking submission on smaller craft projects?

    1. Smaller craft projects are definitely welcome. Send e'm all, big and small. :)

  2. I can send mine to you by next thursday.. I have my new One of a Kind pub table built and the top primed.
    still need some molding added , then caulk prime and paint. so proud of myself:) this is the first table I ever built and I even had to design it myself due to an unusual configuration I needed to suit my space and barstools..
    saving your email addy and will put - Sonny, my DIY pubtable in the subject line.. thanks for the party to show it off.

  3. Love this idea! Should we just send you the link to the post?

  4. I love this so much! I'm definitely going to send you a post! :)

  5. This is so nice of you Kayla! I'm going to give it a try too! Thank you! :)