Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Optimizing our Closet

As part of our Master Suite Remodel, we're building a brand new closet so I've been planning out how to best optimize the space.

While I don't have any great photos of our old closet (honestly, it was too small to really take photos large enough to tell what was going on) I do have this one. Overwhelming, right?


I've got a lot of clothes. And shoes. And scarves. I may be addicted.

The square footage of our new closet is almost identical to our last, in a longer, rectangular shape. But I'm hoping with some optimization, we'll be able to make the space much more manageable. I've thought long and hard about what I want this space to achieve and how it can be better optimized for us.

Must Have's for Optimizing Storage in Closet:

  • Lots of space for hanging clothes
  • A tall space for long dresses and pants to hang
  • Drawers or shelves for folded clothes like sweaters and gym clothes
  • Shoe storage
  • Purse storage
  • Scarf storage
  • A space for jewelry, sunglasses and other random pieces
And lastly, I want it to look nice. How can we make it look as organized and beautiful as possible, instead of the cluttered mess our last closet was?

So here's our plan:

Back wall of closet, view from door:

Closet Plans1

Left wall of closet, view from door:

Closet Plans2

We'll be building this all ourselves, so it's can be completely custom to our design. I'll have plenty of shelf space for everything from shoes to sweaters to scarves.

One of the ways I'm planning to make the space look more organized, is with some really smart storage solutions. Things like front-flap shoe boxes, purse storage and plenty of cute baskets.

Closet Storage Solutions

So what do you think? Did I miss anything?

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  1. It looks very nice. The first thing I did when I redid our closet was to go through all my clothes and purge, purge, purge. Made the remodel MUCH easier.

  2. Is this just your closet or do you have to share? Is there enough room for all of his stuff? :)

  3. We just redid our master closet. One thing I would suggest is measuring how much space your hanging clothes take up, as well as how many linear feet your shoes will take up. We were really surprised by our numbers! Also, make sure you'll be able to reach shelves, or get a small folding step stool.

  4. if you have the height, you may consider having 2 shelves in the overhead space, so that you have more long-term storage.

    also, you want to account for 1.5"-2" per hanger, generally.

    i assume that since the hubby built you that fancy shoe shelf for in the room, the shoe shelves in the closet will be for him. will all his shoes fit? you probably want to do at least 1" wider than the shoe and 1" taller to make sure you have room to pull them out and put them back in.

    since you have limited space, you might want to look at something that will allow you to stack hangers, or hang several pairs of pants in a smaller space than a single hanger per pair would allow.

    like these ::

  5. This is a project I'm dreaming about! I can't wait to see how it turns out! I'll be following along.

    Shannon ~

  6. I am working on finishing up our tiny closet, I def want it to be pretty too! This is going to look great when you're done!