Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY Abstract Canvas Art

Hi everyone! Today I'm excited to show off another piece of our master bedroom remodel!

I'm a firm believer in affordable design and decor for your house and would never pay top dollar for designer anything. And since I consider myself an amateur artist, I'm here to share how to simply paint a beautiful piece of abstract, modern art.

DIY Abstract Wall Art

A few months ago, I shared this awesome DIY abstract piece of artwork that I painted on Simply Dream & Create. I absolutely love this piece of artwork, and have gotten quite a few compliments on it both in person and through the blogosphere.

I painted this piece of artwork about a month before we had our Master Bedroom reveal, so now I'm able to share how it looks in the space! Yay!

Master Bedroom Painting

And the best part, is that this was such a simple project, I know all of you can achieve this look too. So, on to the tutorial!

How to paint Abstract Canvas Art

I got my inspiration from this piece that was on a One Kings Lane sale in September. It is by an amazing artist named Kristy Gammill, and was selling for around $230. Her work really is amazing, but I just can't afford the price tag for my little fixer-upper house.
DIY Wall Art Inspiration

Back in our apartment days, Justin made me a few large canvases which we painted solid colors to bring some brightness into our apartments without needing to ask permission of the landlord to paint the walls.

Color in Apartment

They worked out perfectly throughout our several years of apartment living, but now that we're in our house again, they didn't serve a purpose.  Instead they hung out in our downstairs storage room, doing nothing but collecting dust.


So, with the re-purposed 47" x 41" homemade canvas, two medium-sized paint brushes and a bunch acrylic paint (which I buy from Micheal's) I set out to painting.

DIY Wall Art Paint
DIY Wall Art Brushes

This style of painting is a very simple one to achieve since there really isn't a wrong way for the final piece to look. And for any novices out there, here are a couple of tricks to the trade:

 - In order for the colors to blend together nicely, you need to work quickly. This blending happens only if all the paint is wet.  In order to achieve this quickness, I mixed the majority of my colors before I started painting.

- I'm typically a perfectionist, but with a painting like this you want to move quickly and without abandon. There is no wrong way of painting this, so use smooth brushstrokes, wherever your mood takes you.  Have fun with it!!

DIY Art Close Up

- Keep your brushstrokes all in one direction.  I only painted up and down to ensure that my lines were all smooth and uninterrupted.

 - Make it your own! I loved the colors of the painting, so decided to keep the majority of the painting very similar to the real one, but added in some navy to tie back to the color palette of the room that I'll be putting this in.

 - Hot pink is a really hard color to mix. So while I mixed all of my other colors with red, blue, yellow, white and black, I decided to purchase hot pink paint to save myself the trouble. 

DIY Abstract Art

And that's my final piece! Overall, it took me about 90 minutes to paint and was a ton of fun! I love working on projects in which there is no right or wrong. So carefree!

Here's some more photos of how wonderful it looks in our Master.

Master Bedroom Remodel with Painting
Abstract Canvas
DIY Abstract Artwork in Master Bedroom

I hope you all have the confidence now to take on your very own Abstract Canvas Artwork!

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  1. I really like it! I'm planning to do something similar with different colors in our kitchen. I couldn't agree more on not being willing to spend a lot of money on anything designer. : )

  2. Very cool! I already have some of those exact paints and love abstract but fun paintings. Great idea!

  3. It came out really gorgeous! I love it!

  4. It looks awesome. Did you paint the pictures over your bed? I'm a tad bit obsessed! Where? How?

  5. I love, love, love this! I am NOT an artist, so I am terrified of trying to paint something, but you may have inspired me to go for it!

    - Tasha @ Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body {}

  6. oh I love this idea! we are looking for some ideas for a dressing room we are working on for my 17 year old! this would be a great project for her!

  7. I LOVE this!! I've tried creating abstract art too, and I've both hit and miss, in my opinion! You learn as you go though, right? You make it look so easy and I love the colors you used.

  8. Pinned it! You did a beautiful job - the art looks amazing in your bedroom. Found you at the Monday Funday link-up!

  9. Amazing job Kayla- I love the hit of color!! It works so perfectly with your whole bedroom scheme and I can't believe how professional it looks- who would know you DIYed it?!?!

  10. Can you explain more about the home made canvas? I'm new to painting but want to do something on a larger scale & the bigger canvas is so expensive!

  11. I feel badly for the artist that you so blatantly ripped off-instead of plagiarizing her work you could have saved a few bucks here and there and bought yourself a piece of real art as opposed to decor.

  12. Your room looks awesome. I am a huge fan of a neutral cool color wit splashes of bright and bold!

  13. That's a great room and beautiful piece of art. You make it sound so easy:) I will have to try and get up my nerve to attempt something like that (i'm one of the least crafty people ever!). Thanks for sharing!

  14. You make me want start squeezing paint and create! Thanks so much for the inspiration!


  15. I adore this! I had no idea when I saw the whole room recently that you had painted this! It's really quite awesome!

  16. I am all about the DIY art and yours turned out fabulous! Looks perfect in your bedroom too! pinned :)

  17. I love your bedroom! Your painting really pops and pulls together the whole room.

  18. It looks like a designer art piece! What an amazing job you did. To be honest I had to reach for my coffee and squint at the screen when I saw that lime green canvass! It looks much better now!
    Iv just made updates to my dining room gallery wall Id love for you to check it out ... speaking of being thrifty I framed a magazine page and postcard as some freebie wall art :)

  19. WOW! Your bedroom looks amazing and that artwork is just beautiful! From one Minnesotan to another…wonderful job! I found your blog on the Simply Dream & Create link party. You have some great stuff here, thanks for sharing!

  20. WOW! Your bedroom looks amazing and that artwork is just beautiful! From one Minnesotan to another…wonderful job! I found your blog on the Simply Dream & Create link party. You have some great stuff here, thanks for sharing!

  21. w-o-w! kayla, you are talented...i personally like yours than Kristy Gammill's♥


  22. AMAZING!! This turned out so professional, I thought you bought this piece when I saw your overall room in a different post. So awesome to find out that you painted it yourself. I agree, it is such a carefree feeling painting.... I need to do it more often.

  23. Your gorgeous painting has me wanting to reach for a big canvas and some paint!! :) Love it!

  24. This is beautiful!! Love the colors you chose and how beautifully bold it is. You've got crazy talent, girl!

  25. My comment is a bit different.... seems as this is all about YOU! My thinking is that it would be really great to support the Arts.... they are getting little enough support already. Sure go out and "steal" your fav Artist's work and plaster it on your wall and BRAG on-line about how wonderful YOU ARE.... what about the artists who go to school.... pay loans.... work HARD all so you can ONE UP THEM. I think you should feel at least some shame!

  26. Its mix so well with the room color.. its the other 3 in the other side of wall using the same method?

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