Thursday, January 23, 2014

What's your style?

Just a quick post today with a fun style quiz I found yesterday.

There have been a lot of personality quizzes on the internets lately from "What state/city should you live in?" (LA/California) to "What era should you live in?" (the 50's), and the latest and maybe my favorite is "What's your Style Personality?"

If anyone follows 7th House on the Left, you probably saw her post last week about Home Good's Stylescope quiz. It was pretty fun, so I thought I'd pass it along.

All you do is choose 5 photos that "speak to you" and they match it to a home design personality and a few tips. Here are the five images I chose.

My five images

My results? Urban Funk with a touch of Boho. Here's the inspiration photo they gave me for Urban Funk.


Here's what they say about my style: Urban Funk has undeniable funk and soul. She's at home in a place where industrial meets comfort, where over-the-top meets laid-back chill, and where retro art meets graphic simplicity. And she does all this in a way that feels totally effortless.

While this is probably completely true of me, I'm not sure that I incorporate those things into my home. I actually think I choose decor that's much more "Modern Metro" by their descriptions. Like this:


Either way, it was a fun little style quiz to take!

Have a great Thursday everyone!