Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our Home Color Palette

How many of you have heard of (or practice) having one color palette for your entire home?America's favorite home bloggers first introduced me to this with their last home, and it took me a while to warm up to the idea. But after giving it some real thought, I've decided that I love the idea and am going to take it on as my own.

What changed my mind? I like the possibility of furniture and accessories having the ability to swap rooms. I also like the idea of using up some leftover paint that we have from other rooms. It just seems like a more cost effective way to decorate and design your home.

So after agonizing myself the past few weeks, thinking through the thousands of possibilities for our master suite color palette, I've finally decided that I'm going to try out this "whole home color palette" thing.

Here's the whole home color palette I'm imagining.
Home Color Palette
I kind of love it because there are tons of neutral colors, but also plenty of bright, statement colors that can be used through accents (or feature walls!) While I don't think all twelve colors match perfectly, in different combinations, I think they'll all look great throughout the house.

Here's how I have the colors broken down by room, along with a couple of shots from the rooms that are complete (the other rooms have a long way to go).

Living Room Color Palette
Living Room Collage
Kitchen Color Palette
Kitchen Collage

Master Bedroom Color Palette
Master Bathroom Color Palette
Guest Bedroom Color Palette
Office Color Palette
Full Bathroom Color Palette
Laundry Room Color Palette
What do you think?

I'm pretty excited to start putting together some mood boards for our master bedroom and master bathroom for our remodel, since those will be first up on our to-do list.

I swear this to-do list is getting longer every day, instead of shorter...

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  1. Looking forward to seeing those moodboards. And isn't it always strange how our lists grow and grow, but never shrink? ;)

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I couldn't reply to your comment because you are a No Reply Blogger, but I used to be one too and it's an easy fix. This way people can reply back to the comments you leave them. :) I think you just go to your settings and edit profile, then click a box that says "show email." I hope this helps!


    1. Thanks Meredith! I appreciate the help. Unfortunately, the "show email" checkbox wasn't there, so I'll have to research a bit to see how to turn this capability on. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing it. :-)

  3. This is similar to our home color palette - turqoise and purple, hot pink and hot green, teal and orange and I love it all together.

  4. Love this idea and your color palette!

  5. I love your color palette. I like that you aren't afraid to use color. I have a very bold color in my main living area and sometimes I second guess it because when I see neutral color palettes, I like them so much. But, color just suits me and my family! And it makes me smile. And that's what we want in our homes, right?

  6. I really like your color palette and it's very similar to my own. I totally agree on using the same palette through the entire can emphasize different colors in each room but each room should have the same colors in them. I just think it make a much more cohesive environment. Now are all my rooms in my palette? Not quite yet..I still have a couple of rooms to do. This is are really good post and I hope it gets others to thinking because I think most people don't decide to do this.

  7. These colors are gorgeous together!! I love the idea of one palette for the entire house!

  8. Love the colors you picked. Do you have the names and brand of paint you used?