Friday, September 13, 2013

DIY Weekend Projects

DIY Weekend Projects

This weekend couldn't have come soon enough. I've felt exhausted all week, probably because of the sheer amount of miles we're running because our marathon is only three weeks away! We have a 21 mile run over the weekend, a Twins game and a lot of couch time planned, but that doesn't mean you don't have to stop DIY'ing!

With the master suite renovation quickly approaching, I've got bathrooms on my mind. Here are some simple additions to our future bathroom that I'm contemplating.

1 // Open shelves tucked in the corner // This is such a smart way to add storage into a small bathroom, or even in a larger bathroom without taking up much space. And I really love the look of open shelving...

2 // Cheap Artwork // I'm already spending my life's savings (not really) on this remodel project in adding a master bathroom, so I love the idea of adding inexpensive artwork to the room the add some color.

3// Drawers in the Linen Closet // What a great way to make the linen closet more funcational. I love it! Justin, can you build me this??

What DIY projects are you working on this weekend?

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