Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Master Bedroom Renovation

Hi friends! Today's a big day because I've got renovation plans to start sharing with you.

While I haven't posted a To Do List update in quite some time, most of you know that we've got a pretty big remodel in our near future. We've been planning on this remodel for almost a year, but wanted to wait until we're done marathon training before diving into such a big undertaking - and that day is almost here!

Last weekend, Justin & I spent much of our Friday night & Saturday planning and drafting out our Master Bedroom remodel, and I want to share them with you! 

To give you some context, here's what our room looks like currently with square boxes showing where dressers and bookshelves are placed around the gigantic room. It's one, big, loft-style room right now with no door and no wall between us and the rest of the house. Meaning = very temporary.

Current_Master 2D

Now, don't forget where this room started less than a year ago. This space used to be two rooms; our living room + "master" bedroom, with a wall straight down the center - but we tore down the wall and opened the space up when we moved back to MN last year! Check out more on this preliminary remodel project on my post back in November here.


So after all that pretext, here's our vision for post-renovation.

Reno_Master 2D2
And here's it in 3D. Note: The 3D rendering is a little wonky since it forced me to put a wall up at the top of the stairs, but that will ACTUALLY be a teeny-tiny landing at the top of the stairs (to follow code) then a sliding door opening into the bedroom. 
Reno_Master Bed_3DI'm equal parts excited and super-duper nervous for this renovation. Justin & I will be doing almost everything ourselves, sans plumbing and electrical work. Lucky for me he's a talented carpenter, and unlucky for me that I'm not (oh...and that there's only two of us!!).

But I honestly can't wait for the day that I don't have to trek down the stairs in the middle of the night for a pee break. Seriously.

Getting me equally excited is the design work and DIY projects that are to come with this renovation! I've already started developing a few mood boards for potential bedroom designs like this one (and a couple more on their way).

And I haven't even started thinking about the bathroom design yet! Oh, the possibilities!!

I'll of course keep y'all updated along the way. There will be lots of blood, sweat and tears (mostly tears on my part, I'm sure) that will be thrown into this renovation and you're coming along for the ride.

It's Giveaway Time
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  1. Thank you so much for the giveaway!!! I am so excited I won!

  2. Wow!! Great layout and design plans! Thanks so much for sharing at Work it Wednesday this week:) Hope to see you back!

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  8. brittneydavis
    Thanks for sharing this post and your example of 3D pictures its awesome for understanding design & layout.

  9. You seem to have a nice vision on your renovation project. I'm looking forward to how it will all turn out. Your present bedroom does seem a little barren with too much empty space around it. I like your renovation plans more since it will curtail the space on the bedroom without it being too crowded. I'm also excited for your interior design plans!

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