Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lengthening Curtains

I have a secret.

Those Striped Curtains that I DIY'ed over the winter, are about a foot shorter than I'd wanted them to be. And I've hung them way wrong... If any home interior designer came to my house, they would probably storm out the door, swearing in discust.

If you've paid attention to interior design at all in the last year, you know that the latest trend is to have curtains go the entire length of the wall; ceiling to floor.

Hanging your curtains this way helps to heighten your room and make it seem bigger (or so the experts say). But since I bought my white curtains from Target instead of making them from scratch, I was forced to buy the 84" curtains, instead of the 96" that I really needed.

So, I sucked up my desire for floor to ceiling curtains for cost and simplicity's sake.

I faked it as much as I could. Since 3 of my 4 curtain panels would be hidden behind things like the entertainment center, I hung the curtains higher than they should be for the length that they are.

My Short Curtains
I didn't get a very good 'before' shot. This is the best I've got. I'm a terrible blogger.
But that one pesky panel that was exposed kept bothering me. So after staring straight down my couch directly at my too-short curtains, I decided I'd had enough. I'd do whatever I could - albeit minimal - to make these curtains a little longer.

So out comes the seams.

Lengthening Curtains Hero
There was a 2 1/4" seam on the bottom of these curtains, so using my mom's handy-dandy sewing kit thingymabob, I took out the seam and sewed up a new seam.

Sewing Thingymabob
Lengthening Curtains 2
Lengthening Curtains 3

So while the 2 1/4" isn't nearly enough to remedy the problem, it's enough that I don't want to pull my hair out every time I see this one curtain.

An easy upgrade for a little sanity.

Longer Curtains
Longer Curtains 2

 Now I'm on the search for an arm chair to put in front of this curtain to hide the problem even more!

How do you hang curtains in your house? Is anyone still using 84" curtains, or am I the only person left in the stone-ages?


  1. My living room needs new curtains, but I just can't make a decision about what I want. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. It's true what you said about floor-to-ceiling curtains. They really do provide the illusion that your walls are taller and that your house is more spacious than it really is. Also, when you choose white, thin cloth for curtains, especially during summer, it'll make your home appear more relax and more pleasant to the eyes. So, about your curtain that is too short, why not make another one, the way you did with this one? That's another project to look up to, no? Good luck!
    Roxie @ Allure Window Treatment

  3. Just a little tidbit for you on the length of the curtains......I was lucky enough to find 95 inches from a store called Anna's linens. Its a discount store so things are really cheap. BUT.......if you want to take care of the 3 inches or so that you still need to have them brush the floor.......hang them from curtain clips. Walmart has them in the nickel color you need to match your rod and they r $5.00 -$6.00 dollars for a 7 pack. Problem solved. Mine look great! And as an added much easier to open and close the curtains!!!!

    Janella.....Greenville SC