Friday, August 2, 2013

Area Rug Shopping

Note: I've added two new options to choose from with a couple of different patterns that I'm loving right now. I feel like they might have more life if I don't chose such a trendy pattern like chevron...

I'm in the market for a new area rug and am thinking about pulling the trigger today (or at very least, this weekend), but I need your help!!  I can't decide which color looks best with my living room.  Help me decide?

I'm torn between gray (to match the couch & curtains), pink (to match the lighting fixtures & other accents) or yellow (to match our other accent colors -  which you can't really see in this photo, but you can here and here).

I've quickly put together some photoshopped living room images with each of the colors I'm torn between. Yes, I know this photoshop work is shit - but I was in a hurry to get this posted - and I'm still re-learning photoshop!!

So here they are. Let me know which color you'd choose if it was your living room?

LR Grey Patterned Rug
LR Yellow Stripe Rug

LR Grey Rug
LR Pink Rug
LR Yellow Rug

And if you're in the market as well, RugsUSA has a 50% sale running now! Get on it!


  1. I think the gray looks best! With the bright walls, I think it looks best to add in neutrals in big pieces rather than compete with another bright color. Can't wait to see what you chose!


  2. I would stay away from the chevron in any color because it is competing with your curtains for attention. I like wide stripes, but in gray rather than yellow. I think the yellow pillows on the sofa get looked over with the yellow carpet. That's just my opinion though--what I would do if this were my room.

    1. Such a good recommendation. I didn't even think of it competing with my curtains. Thank you!

  3. Don't know what you picked but I like the first one! Great pattern and nice grounding color.

  4. Which did you pick? I have that top rug in navy in my son's room. Love it!

  5. I read from one of your later posts that you went with the first carpet. I would have to say that it was a good choice. I agree with the other commenters that your room would benefit from a rug with a neutral color. The other colors clash with the colors of your walls and I think this keeps your living room from being relaxing.

    Damien Jennings @