Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Simple Updates

I've been procrastinating on the big projects around the house, and instead have taken on a couple of small updates. And even though they're small, they still make a big difference!

Simple update #1: Cleaning out the junk drawer

When we first moved back into the house, this is where we threw just about everything that we didn't know what to do with, which ended up being a lot of papers and receipts that we didn't really need to keep. So now I've cleaned all that junk out, so we can hide even more junk in the drawer! Check out the difference a few containers make!

Before & After Junk Drawer

I got these wonderful little containers at Target for $1 each in their One Spot section. What life savers! They help keep things separated, and look good doing it.


Simple update #2: Changing out all of the AC/Heat registers

All of the AC/Heat registers in our house are probably as old as we are. I mean, look at this nasty thing.


With our newly installed air conditioner, we want to make sure we're getting all the cool air that's possible, so we went through the entire house and updated all of the registers. Not only have we noticed a difference in the temperature in a few rooms, they also look a hell of a lot nicer.


I'm pretty happy with these little updates I've finally gotten taken care of. Next up, painting the inside of our front door = not a simple update...

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