Thursday, July 18, 2013

Joss & Main obsession

Is anyone else obsessed with Joss & Main for home furnishings?

While I have yet to buy something from them (I'm trying to limit my spending, buying things for the house little bits at a time), but boy do I want to!!  I could just hand my paycheck off to Joss & Main and CB2 every month.

I mean look at all of this great stuff!

Joss & Main

The best part of Joss & Main (or worst) is that they are flash sales, so once a collection's sale is up, the product is gone. Like take #1 for example. I LOVE this light fixture, but pinned it a couple of days ago and it's already gone.

So you've got to act fast!

Because of that, I haven't linked up all of the individual items I tagged, since they might be gone by tomorrow! If you want to check them out though, the website is

I've got my eye out for a yellow/cream rug for the living room.   Can't wait to finally buy something!

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