Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Adding a little flair

Yesterday I shared my new paint job on the inside of our front door. While the new white door looks great and matches with our living/dining room perfectly now, it needed a little pizzaz.


Cue my washi tape! I swear this stuff can work with anything.

So after only 10 minutes of trying to make my taped lines as straight as possible (they're not straight...), the door looks like this!

Decorated Door

What an awesome update! I told you this door inspiration I posted a couple months ago would come in handy! I mean how can you not love these beautifully decorated doors. I obviously took my inspiration from the one on the top left. Such a smart idea!

And the best part is that because I used washi tape instead of something more permanent, if I ever get sick of the pink, I can just take the tape right off!

Designed Doors

Here's my before and after picture. So, what do you think? Great addition?


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  1. I love the added designs on these doors. The front door to my house has been having issue with staying on its hinges, so I was going to take it off next week, to try putting new hinges, and I think when I do that, I'm going to add a little flare to it. It would be great to add a design to it that would make people take a second look at it. I think I'm going to try your idea of adding colorings around the doors details.

    Sara Welsh |