Thursday, June 6, 2013

My little honey-do list

The To-Do List

Hubby and I completely lost motivation over the winter and accomplished next to nothing on our home to-do list. So, now that the warmer weather is rolling around, I need to amp up the motivation and get some shit done around the house. Hopefully all of our summer plans don't get in the way!

Immediate List
Master Bedroom - DONE! 
Tear down bedroom/living room wall for a master bedroom
                Sheetrock connecting walls
                Rewire electrical
                Sheetrock (?) ceiling
                Fix floors so they don’t creak
Move hanging bars away from wall/ceiling in closet
Make jewelry holder/frame for closet wall – using a tie rack instead!

Dining Room/Living Room
Tear down wall for one, big living-dining space
Fix flooring
Sheetrock connecting walls
                Rewire electrical
                Move heating vents
Fix storage closet door so it stays on the track
Paint the room one color
Replace the dining room light fixture or spray paint current one
Paint lamp to match color palette
Paint frames & artwork to match color palette
Make/paint the big letter J for above TV
Paint end table to match color palette
NEW: Install board & batten or chair rails
NEW: Install hooks next to front door for make-shift "mud room"

Fix terrible pipes/plumbing under sink
Fix broken and loose door handles
Fix sheet rock in uneven spots
Paint or tile backsplash
Fix broken drawer in refrigerator
Paint/Replace track lighting 
Make/paint the EAT letters for above stove

Laundry/Half Bath
Fix/Buy new TP holder, reaffix to wall
Fix/Clean faucet so it doesn’t spray
Fix toilet handle
Paint problem spots on walls
Install a shelf just above the washer/dryer?

Fix/Buy new TP holder, reaffix to wall
Fix broken faucet handle (can we fix this?)
Buy replacement sink plug
Fix door on cabinet (won’t stay closed)
Un-mildew-ify the ceiling
Replace overhead fan with a stronger one
Paint ceiling with mildew-resistant paint
Sand down walls (really bumpy and weird)
Paint walls with mildew resistant paint
Clean out grout on tile floor
Buy rug liner to hold floor mats in place

Guest Bedroom
Carpet Clean
Remove door, replace with sliding door for space
Set up room as a guest room, bed, dresser, etc.

Carpet Clean
Fix handle on closet door
Set up room as an office. Hang shelves, etc Scratch that, set up room as our dog playpen.
Add “Doggy Door” so dogs can hang out & not eat the entire house while we’re at work

Entire House
Replace all the burnt out light bulbs – there’s a lot!

Long Term List
Entire House
Install Air Conditioning - FINALLY!
Paint or replace all the brass door handles with bronze ones
Hire electrician to re-wire entire(?) house
                Involves taking down sheet rock in whole house…

Replace or repaint handrail/railing
Put up a wall & door
Build a master bathroom!
Update trim
Buy or Make:
New mattress
1-2 dressers
                Bench for the end of the bed, or chair

Dining Room/Living Room
Paint interior of front door to match with interior color palette
Update trim
Put chair rail around the entire room
Crown molding?
Dining Room chair covers
Buy or Make:
                Coffee Table or Ottoman
                1-2 Arm Chairs
                Floor rug
                Side Table
Buy or Make:
New Fridge (since the renters broke the door…) Fixed!
Curtains for window

Guest Bedroom
Buy (or repurpose) all furniture

Frame out the mirror
Replace the front storm door
Fix or replace the broken back door
Replace tile in the back entrance
Paint walls in the back entrance
Pull out the tree growing in front yard (right next to the house)
Landscape front and back yard
New sidewalk to garage
Gut deck and rebuild with [not wood] or build a patio
Plant grass
Fix-up or rebuild garage
Buy or Make:
                Patio Furniture
                Outdoor Rug
                Lawn Mower with bag
                Outdoor Storage Bin/Bench
                Flower pots for front door
                Flower pot for back door

Wow! This will keep us busy all summer long, I'm sure. Now we just need to stay home one weekend and start to do it (oh, and somehow pay for it!)

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