Thursday, June 27, 2013

I used a power tool!

With a carpenter as a husband, I don't really have the need to use power tools. He takes care of all the messy stuff as we're slowly updating our home. But with him knee deep in sheetrocking, taping and mudding our bathroom, I'm left to my own devices.

Cue my very first power tool.

Can you see how excited I am?
Now, it's only a sander. It's not like it's a skill saw or anything (no, thank you), but I still felt pretty bad ass. I only had one coughing fit after blowing a ton of sawdust in my face. I call that a success.

So why am I turning into carpenter of the year and using power tools do you ask?

Well, almost nine months after moving back into our house, I finally got around to repainting all of the trim work that our renters wore away over their 3+ years of living here. I mean, look at this railing. Gross!!


You can tell that someone that lived here before had some diiirty hands. Ick.

To get all of the excess and flaking paint off the railing, I showed off my mad skill at sanding. I also put my biceps to work and scrubbed off as much of the dirt and grime from the past tenants on the railing & all of the trim on the main floor.

Then to finish it off, I put a fresh coat of paint on the entire stairwell and trim. 


It's so fun to see these little updates make such a great improvement on the overall look of our house. I still can't believe how long it took me to finally do this simple project, but I'm glad I've got it done.

Now onto another simple project, changing out all of our air vents with updated vent covers!

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