Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Planning a Bachelorette Party

In honor of my best friend's wedding this weekend, I'm finally sharing the details of her Bachelorette Party that took place in Vegas back in March. And since our photographer friend, E, finally posted photos from the weekend, I have pictures to share too! (yes, e, I just called you out!)

In March, nine girls flocked to Vegas to celebrate our dear friend Carissa who's getting married this weekend! As Maid of Honor (...I know, I'm technically a "Matron", but I'm far too young to be called that) it was my responsibility to throw a stellar Bachelorette party for Carissa and all of the girls.

How to plan a sellar Bachelorette Party

Overall, the trip was effortless to plan. Carissa & her fiance decided they wanted a joint Bachelor & Bachelorette Party in Vegas. They chose the weekend, the hotel, and the Best Man took care of the entertainment on Friday night. All that left for me was Saturday. Girls night.

SaturDAY was low-key with a girls lunch and then free time spent by the pool, shopping or just wandering the strip. But at around 6pm, the Pre-Party started in my room where we started pouring the bubbly, getting all dolled up and played a few party games.

We started the Pre-Party with a present for Carissa and a round of champagne for everyone.


Prior to the party, I emailed the whole crew and asked everyone (even those that weren't able to join the festivities in Vegas) to send some photos of them with Carissa and write a cute note or retell an embarassing story of a time with Carissa.

This ended up turning into an amazing photo book full of memories for Carissa to read through from all of her closest friends.


We scoured through this thing forever with each girl breaking out into laughter when we reached her page and reliving fond memories.


What a hit!

Then it was time for a surprise lingerie shower. I tasked each of the girls to bring one piece of lingerie that they would wear themselves. We then made a drinking game of Carissa guessing who brought what - and it was a blast!


Since all nine girls were getting ready in my room, I made them all a cute tote to help carry all of their shit back to their own rooms. Check out my Tote DIY here.

Inside I had a couple of props for the night! Each girl got a fun eye mask with a cheeky adjective on it.  And boy were those eye masks a hit! We had boys following us around all night.


So before we all headed out for dinner, we took pictures in a photo booth area that I DIY'ed.

I brought pink & polka dot streamers and hung them from the ceiling, spaced out slightly to show some depth. I then hung the CHEERS BITCHES sign that I DIY'ed. Check out the DIY for my sign here.



And then it was time to hit the town. We had dinner at Sugar Factory in Paris, then met up with our VIP tour company who got us into the clubs and toured us around the city on a party bus.

The four best friends

Bachelorette Party

It ended up being a pretty amazing trip for such an amazing friend.

Now onto the wedding!!


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I'm nominating you for the Liebster Award. Go check out my blog at to get all the info and I'm excited to see all your amazing talents!

  2. That is DEFINITELY a bachelorette party - love it. Looks like a ton of fun but also not crazy with male strippers or anything (or maybe I missed that part). Congrats to your friend! And you did a great job on the DIY photo backdrop - hanging streamers and all that? I wish I were so creative.

  3. Very cool party!:D

  4. Wow!! Your bachelorette party looks so interesting. Have not attended such party from last few months but soon will be going to attend my friend’s bridal shower at one of San Francisco wedding venues. Have made great plans for the day as want to make it fun for everyone.