Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In my dreams

CB2 is my store. I'm obsessed. If I could afford it (which I can't) my entire home would be styled out by CB2 products.

Since buying our new couch there, I've been getting tons of emails and catalogs to further tease me with things that I just can't afford to buy right now. But boy, do I want to. Here are some of my latest obsessions. ...I may or may not be saving up for some new barstools.

CB2 Love

1 // Grey Felt File Boxes // I mean, who doesn't need stylish storage boxes that match perfectly with their couch?

2 // Club Lemongrass Chair // I'm loving this side chair for my living room, bringing in some more of my yellow color palette. Is it weird to just have one? Or do I need two?

3// Luli Table Lamp // I can own a monkey lamp?? Yes, please.

4// Charlie Barstools // The coveted barstools that look like the perfect mix of modern & comfort. I will own two of these barstools one day.

5// Latitude Slate Low Dresser // I'm in love with this dresser, which they also carry in a burnt yellow. I'm thinking it would be perfect for our guest room, if only I had room for it.

6// Rouge Coffee Table // Last but not least, this rocking coffee table. I'm thinking about a pink coffee table for the living room, but haven't decided on style yet. What do you think, is this a contender?


  1. LOVE that store. So far I've limited myself to their glassware, which is surprisingly cheap!

    1. No way! I've avoided their smaller items, assuming that they were also ridiculously priced. But now I might need to check them out!