Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm lost without wireless

I've been in LA all week WITH NO INTERNET CONNECTION. I try to connect every day for both work and blogging purposes, but the hotel's internet connection is sooooo incredibly terrible, that I end up getting pissed and giving up before anything happens.

So 1) I'm doing this post from my phone, and 2) I'm going to keep this quick.

I'm in LA. I'm working but am getting to do some pretty fun stuff while I'm here. I'm leaving to go back home tomorrow.


I got to visit my friends Jen and Ben had had a wonderful time.


I got a cheese plate and bottle of wine as an apology from the hotel for how terrible their internet connection is (...I think I need another bottle of wine...)


And I got to take this photo while sitting on a toilet. I'm serious.

I miss everyone! I'll be back to posting like normal next week. 

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