Monday, April 22, 2013

The DIY'ers and some new shoes

The DIY'ers

Well, the weather prevented us from doing any real Home DIY's again this weekend so I crossed another fun clothing DIY off the list instead.

I've recently been eying these tribal print wedges from Jessica Simpson, when I realized that I could DIY this pretty darn easily. So I whipped out my Sharpies and had another DIY done in less than an hour.
DIY Tribal Print Wedges

I started with some old Banana Republic wedges that I haven't worn in a couple of years. They were actually in the pile for Goodwill, but with a little reinvention, it's like they're new again!

And then out came the Sharpies.


Look at how cute they turned out! Now I just need some warm weather to wear them in.


And now it's your turn! Show off your latest DIY projects below. 

The DIY'ers

The Rules? They're simple!
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  1. Thanks for hosting!

    With A Blast

  2. Those wedges are awesome! Thanks for hosting a fabulous party!

  3. I am just loving those wedges!!! They look amazing! As weird as this will sound, you are actually giving me the inspriation I needed for a wall revamp... I have had my Sharpies at the ready for over a month now, but I just couldn't commit to a design... I might just have it now!!! Stay tuned, I'll make sure to link up the project when it's done!


  4. Haven't to see you. Really creative. I like DIY.

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  5. That's so creative! Now I'm going to have to buy some cork wedges just so I can do this, LOL. Thanks for sharing! Love the personalized look.