Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pattern Love

My mom is coming to town on Saturday for a mother/daughter DIY weekend, and I'm so incredibly excited. Now that I'm back in Minnesota, we only live three hours from each other, but Christmas is the last time we've seen each other!! What better reason to have a DIY crafting weekend?

The couple of projects that I have in mind are making curtains for the living room, roman shades for the kitchen, and if I have time maybe a few pillow covers as well. And the first step is finding the right patterns!

Here's what I know:
I want grey striped curtains for the living room.
I want a complimentary color or pattern for the roman shades in the kitchen.
I want hot pink pillow covers.

From here, I stumbled upon OnlineFabricStore.com who has some pretty amazing fabric choices. I'll likely try to find an actual store to purchase my fabric, but this is a great place to browse and get ideas! (And if I can't find fabric similar or better to these swatches, I may just purchase from here!)

Here are the patterns I'm loving.
Pattern Love

Any favorites? Any other recommendations? How do you think the grey curtains & pink pillows will work together?

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