Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dresser Organization Tips

Organization OCD

I have self-diagnosed myself with Organization OCD. I don't know if there's a psychologist out there to back-up my claim, but I swear it's true. This may be hard for most to believe since I never put my dirty dishes in the dishwasher right away nor do I hang up my clean laundry in a timely manner. But if something is unorganized, it drives me insane. I'm all about minimal clutter, efficiency and every-single-thing having its place.

So starting with this post, I'll share some easy, cheap and simple DIY organization ideas for around your home each week.

This month it's all about the bedroom. How do you better organize your dresser, your closet, your shoes and more!

So what are some tips I have for the organized bedroom?

Hold onto your pants, because I've got a lot.

Let's start with your dresser. 
In my opinion, dressers are one of the hardest things to keep organized. It never fails to turn into a disaster within mere days from digging around for what you need. But with these few simle tips, I've been able to keep my dressers an organizers heaven.

1) DIY shoe box drawer separators. 

You can buy the fancy acrylic drawer separators from places like Crate & Barrel or Bed, Bath & Beyond if you want, but why spend the money when you have a few empty shoe boxes laying around the house?

This is a really simple DIY that anyone can do in a few minutes. Find a few empty shoe boxes and cut the height down so they're slightly shorter than your drawers. I use 1-2 a drawer depending on the contents in each drawer.


These separators divide out your drawer into sections so your clothes stay where they're meant to stay. You're then able to organize your socks, tights, swimsuits, and undergarments rather than just throwing them in the drawer to never be seen again.

2) Use space smartly. Roll your socks & tights and fold your clothes.

We all know the rolling technique for getting the most things into a suitcase. Well, this space saving technique applies to your dresser as well. Since you're using shoe box separators now, you're able to roll and fold your clothes in different ways without creating a mess.

As you can see from the picture above, I roll my tights & fold my sports bras which saves a ton of space.

For the clothing drawers, I fold my shirts into smaller squares and stack them the long way in the drawer (side to side) instead of top to bottom as you can see here. This makes it easier to find the exact shirt you're looking for, and in turn makes the drawer stay a little neater! (And, I can't almost double the amount of clothes in there!)


What tips do you have for a better organized dresser? Anything I should adopt?

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  1. I'm a shoebox drawer organizer gal too for most spots, the cardboard makes soo much less "deadspace" and a eats up less of it too! All the 'stuff' hides them anyway.