Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Free Recipe Card downloads

I recently purchased this beautiful recipe card holder for my kitchen.

Receipe Card Downloads

I wanted to have a central place to keep the recipes that we use most often rather than scouring through cook book after cook book. Not that I'm much of a chef...or even cook that often. It's more because I'm an organization freak more than anything.

Come to find out, you can get tons of cute free recipe card downloads on the internet. (The internet really is a wonderful thing no matter what my grandma tries to tell me).

Recipe Cards
All you need to do is buy cardstock and print them at home. I'm so psyched! Here were a few of my favorites for all you chef's (or obsessive organizers) out there.

01. My Daily Randomness provided these clean and simple recipe card downloads
02. Tie That Binds has a free download to these more traditional recipe cards in multiple colors.
03. Love vs Design has these super well designed recipe cards. They're my favorite!
04. Love, Rose provided these recipe cards with the ability to type out your recipe before printing!


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  1. These recipe cards look stunning. I have few like these. Hope you like it. Here is the link: http://triflerecipecards.com/recipecards.html