Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Things I can't wait to DIY

What did anyone do before Pintrest? Did we actually buy everything?? I've got quite a list of things I'd like to make and here are my favorites. Now, I just need to find the time to make them all!

Things I can't wait to DIY

Clockwise from top left:

DIY Striped Rug: Did you know that retailers don't sell many rugs in yellow? And the retailers that do are super duper expensive. So. I might just be buying a cheap white rug and painting some yellow stripes myself like Dana did here.

Sunglasses Frame Holder: I swear I have 30 pairs of sunglasses, but I can never find them because they're all jumbled up in a mess somewhere. But with something like this, they'd always be on display. And it's such a great and simple idea!

Dog Bookends: I got this idea from Young House Love, which I guess is in their newly published book (I don't own it yet, but I sure want to!) No need to spend tons of money on animal bookends at places like Pottery Barn when you can make it yourself for a few measly dollars.

Stenciled Curtains: Modern curtains are as hard to find as yellow rugs. So to ease my pain in looking for the 'perfect' curtains, I may just paint them myself! 

Painted Kitchen Rug: I'm having an equally hard time finding yellow kitchen rugs, but then stumbled upon this great idea from a fellow blogger, here.

EAT 'metal' Letters: And last but not least, you all know my love for letters as art. How great are these?

What's on your DIY list?

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