Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY color lamp

DIY Color Lamp

With my recent redecoration of our living room, I'm slowly trying to DIY or replace the items that no longer match. First on my list of 'furniture' is our table lamp. As you can see from these pictures, the black and white really stood out against my mint & white color palette (obviously). And I need something that blends a little more into the room.


So, I decided the lamp needed an upgrade.

My first step was painting the base to match my LR color palette. I went back and forth over which color I should paint it (between white, pale yellow, and hot pink) and eventually landed on hot pink because I love how much my colored chandelier turned out.

Here's a simple How-To paint your lamp a new color!

Step 1: Clean off all the dust & grime. If it's wooden, sand all surfaces for the paint to stick.

Step 2: Tape any areas that should not be covered by paint; primarily the cord & the entire top portion where you screw in the lightbulb.


Step 3: Spray paint or paint away. If using spray paint, the best strategy is having multiple light layers rather than thick layers. This will result in less runs and blotches.

Step 4: Let it dry and it should be ready to go!

Half-way there!

The next step for this lamp's upgrade is a new lamp shade. I set out this weekend to a ton of home stores looking for the perfect lamp shade. I ended up finding a few that I liked at Target and Ikea so bought them all (!!) and tried them on the lamp at home.

So now's where you come in. Which lamp shade looks best? Which one should I choose?

L: Existing shade (which obviously don't work), R: Lampshade option 1
L: Lampshade option #2, R: Lampshade option #3
Help me choose a lampshade by voting for your favorite below!!


  1. love it! aqua and pink is always a great combo!! i definitely choose the drum shade. you can never go wrong!

  2. Thanks Carissa! I was hesitant to go with such bold colors in the living room, but I'm glad I did!