Monday, November 5, 2012

Master Bedroom Makeover

The master bedroom was by far the easiest room for me to decorate & design. I’ve been working on the design of this room over the last couple years; buying d├ęcor, painting paintings and having Justin build furniture to fit with my vision. And it’s all coming together now.

As a reminder, here’s where we started when we moved back into the house a couple of weeks ago.

View from the old living room

And here’s how it looks after sheet rock’in, re-carpeting, painting and getting our furniture in.




My reading nook!


With our recent remodel, we now have a much larger master bedroom than what I’m used to, so I’ve decided to best utilize this extra space by repurposing one of our bookshelves that Justin made me to a shoe-shelf instead.

I honestly have enough shoes to fill at least three of these gigantic bookshelves, so have decided to only put the prettier shoes that I wear the most frequently out on display. And honestly, I love it!


We also repurposed the big graffiti art that my husband salvaged as our focal point above the bed. Typically we have the lime green print above the bed, but with a smaller living room (that we can paint!) the graffiti art just didn’t fit in the living room anymore.  But I can’t get rid of it! I love that thing. So our new bedroom focal point, it is.

This room still has a lot of work needed, primarily new furniture. The bed and both dressers are hand-me-downs that have absolutely no place in my perfect bedroom vision. But until we save up for those new pieces, we’re making do.

And as you saw in my last post, we’re planning to (one day) add an on-suite bath to the layout. But this may be a couple years until we get there. Until then, I’ll just dream of that day….

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