Friday, October 19, 2012

We're tearing down walls

Since we’ve been in corporate housing, Justin has been doing some of the big renovation things at the house before we move in. Because honestly, who wants to live in a construction zone?

He’s such a good husband.

What’s the first thing on our ‘immediate’ list in order to make our house livable? Tear down some walls.

We had a lot of wasted space in this tiny little home in Minneapolis that we wanted to better utilize. We had two small living rooms (one formal and one casual, maybe?) which was a complete waste of space in our eyes. With such a small house, we need to be smart about how the house is laid out. So, out came a wall to make one larger living/dining room.



But that still leaves us with an extra living room. Cue tearing down another wall to make a larger bedroom. Yay! Our bedroom was so teeny-tiny before that a full bed would barely fit in there. Now we’ve got a queen bed and are hoping to upgrade to a king soon, so we needed some more space.

Check it out!


With each of these renovations, we have a list of other things that are on our long-term to do list to finish the job. Like moving the front door over 5+ feet so it’s not opening in the middle of our living room, and putting up a wall and door to our bedroom (it used to be the living room so it was open to the rest of the house with no door!) I’ll just have to be happy with a loft style bedroom for now.

What do you think? It opens it up SO much and I couldn’t be happier. We’ve still got a long ways to go, but now I can get excited about moving back home. And that’s all I can ask for.

Big thank you to the husband for being such a manly man and doing it all himself while I was not so busy at work. Too bad he has to start his new job soon, or I could keep him busy around the house for months! J

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