Thursday, October 25, 2012

My design inspiration

One of the easiest ways to make a house your home is design. Things as simple as color, decorations and furniture can really make a place your own.  So with Justin off tearing down walls, this was my first project with the house.

When we lived here the last time around, I felt as though I had my hands tied behind my back. We were too young and financially unstable to buy new furniture, so instead we had hand-me downs. Then, with our multiple moves across the country for four years I hadn’t spent much time on designing our living space because why bother? We’re just going to move again!

But now that we’ve moved back home and we’re a little more financially fit, I’m going to do this right.

I started with seeking out some inspiration. Honestly, I have no idea what my home ‘style’ is. I know I’m not traditional, but that’s about all I know. I researched and scoured other home blogs and websites and found a ton of great stuff. Here are my two favorites:

My favorite personal home design blog: Young House Love (they’re even from Richmond!)
My favorite photo inspiration website: Houzz

I not only found some internal motivation on these sites, but some great ideas of how I’d like to design my own home.

Check these out!


I’ve honestly spent hours upon hours on these sites (and others) and am beginning to see what my house style is and am leaning toward certain colors and d├ęcor for specific rooms.  But I've still got a lot to figure out before I can actually start painting and decorating our house! Ahh!

This is a very exciting, but also a little bit of a scary process. I want to make sure I'm choosing a style that we can live with, every day, for a long time. Because I sure don't want to have to paint a room more than once!!

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